Download APK: Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro v1.3 [Paid]

Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro v1.3 [Paid]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0+

Download APK: Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro v1.3 [Paid]

This is not a stand alone app. It requires:


Using Android 12 widgets:

1. Download this app, along with KWGT and KWGT Pro

2. Long tap on your homescreen and select Widgets

3. Choose a KWGT widget of your desired size and add it to your homescreen.

4. Tap on the widget, go to the Installed tab, Android 12 widgets, and select the widget of your choosing.

5. If the widget isn’t to your desired size, go to the Layer tab, and adjust the scale as needed.

In case the widget is not working properly (e.g. icons or info not showing), long press the KWGT icon, open App Info, Clear Cache and Force Stop.

If there’s any enquiry or problem feel free to contact me:

Email –

Telegram – @thepratiksrivastava

Twitter – @prativastava

A huge thanks to:

Nedia Patrik
Debangsu Basu
Aakash Pawar

What’s New: 
Android 12 widgets | release 1.3
• 5 new widgets, all with global toggle for wallpaper-based colors

This app is ad-free

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