Download APK: App Manager v2.6.0 [Stable]

App Manager v2.6.0 [Stable]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: A full-featured open source package manager for android. App Manager began by merging the features of App_packages Info (formerly Application Info), ClassyShark3xodus, Activity Launcher and Watt into a single app with material design and dark mode to give a modern look and feel.

Download APK: App Manager v2.6.0 [Stable]

App Manager began by merging the features of App_packages Info (formerly Application Info), ClassyShark3xodus,
Activity Launcher and Watt into a single app with material design and dark mode to give a modern look and feel.


General features
● Fully reproducible, copylefted libre software (GPLv3+)
● Material design (but not material colours!)
● No unnecessary permissions
● Does not connect to the Internet
● Displays as much info as possible in the main page
● Lists activities, broadcast receivers, services, providers, permissions, signatures, shared libraries, etc. of any app
● Launch (exportable) activities and services
● Create (customizable) shortcuts of activities
● Intercept activities
● Scan for trackers and libraries in apps and list (all or only) tracking classes (and their code dump)
● View the manifest of an app
● Display your app usage, data usage, and app storage info (requires “Usage Access” permission)
● Install/uninstall APK files (including APKS, APKM and XAPK with OBB files)
● Share APK files
● Back up/restore APK files
● Batch operations
● One-click operations
● Logcat viewer
● Profiles (including presets for quick debloating)
● View app usage along with mobile and wifi data usage
● Open app in Aurora Store or in your F-Droid client
● Sign APK files before installing them
● Backup encryption: OpenPGP via OpenKeychain, RSA (hybrid encryption with AES) and AES.

Root/ADB-only features
● Revoke permissions considered dangerous by Android
● Deny or ignore app ops
● Display/kill/force-stop running processes/apps
● Clear app data or app cache

Root-only features
● Block any activities, broadcast receivers, services, or providers of an app with native import/export as well as Watt and Blocker import support
● View/edit/delete shared preferences of any app
● Back up/restore apps with data, rules and extras (such as permissions, battery optimization, SSAID, etc.)
● System configuration, blacklisted or whitelisted apps
● View/change SSAID, net policy, battery optimization

…and many more! This single app combines the features of 5 or 6 apps any tech-savvy person needs!

What’s New: 
– New Feature: Log Viewer (accessible from the main menu, “running” tag in the app info page and three-dots menu in each item of the running apps page).
– New Language: Arabic
– [Feature] Removed unAPKM from the app as newer APKMs are no longer encrypted. (Use UnAPKM extension from F-Droid to continue to decrypt the encrypted APKM files.)
– [Feature] Added AES and RSA encryption (AES/GCM/NoPadding with 12 bytes IV) for backups
– [Feature] Added clear cache option in ADB mode
– [Feature] Added compatibility support for mobile data usage in old operating systems
– [Feature] Added colour codes to the “backup” tag in the main page denoting the age of the backups: Red => Uninstalled, Dark cyan => Up to date backup, Orange => Outdated backup
– [Feature] Added filter by profile in the main page
– [Feature] Added options to disable log viewer
– [Feature] Added select all button in various multiple choice dialogs
– [Feature] Added the ability to import (JKS, BKS and PKCS #12 KeyStores and PK8 formatted private key and PEM certificate) and generate signing keys
– [Feature] Added the option to import/export App Manager’s KeyStore. It’s a typical Bouncy Castle KeyStore in BKS extension
– [Feature] Added SAF tag in the app info page for apps that uses storage access framework. Clicking on it lists the granted URIs.
– [Feature] Added Verify and redo backups and back up apps with changes in 1-click ops page (in the back up section)
– [Feature] Display native libraries alongside shared libraries in the shared libs tab
– [Feature] Display file names that could not be imported (when importing files from Blocker or Watt)
– [Feature] Improved formatting of the backup info dialogs
– [Feature] Moved usage access to enable/disable features in the settings page
– [Feature] Organized settings by moving a rules and installer settings to a different fragment
– [Feature] Replaced block trackers with block/unblock trackers
– [Feature] Store backup hashes in the database to detect changes in data (will be enhanced in future)
– [Feature] Updated trackers and libraries
– [Fix] Renamed global component blocking to instant component blocking
– [Fix] Renamed Backup APK to Save APK
– [Fix] Removed the backup option Source and renamed APK only to APK files
– [Fix] Replaced the backup option Data with Internal data. External data no longer depends on this option.
– [Fix] Replaced the backup option Exclude cache with Cache (i.e., the flag has been inverted).
– [Fix] Avoided crash in the app details page when device configuration (night mode, orientation, etc.) changes
– [Fix] Backup URI grants only for the given users
– [Fix] Fixed a crash occurs occasionally when detecting whether an app is running
– [Fix] Fixed a crash when yesterday data isn’t available in the app usage page
– [Fix] Fixed a crash when back button is pressed immediately after pressing the add button in the profile page
– [Fix] Fixed backup service from hanging if it encounters invalid file types
– [Fix] Fixed fetching storage info for users other than the current user
– [Fix] Fixed hidden API restriction bypass issue for Android 11 (which unfortunately increased the APK size)
– [Fix] Fixed displaying wrong data usage in Android Lollipop devices
– [Fix] Fixed restoring backups with symbolic links
– [Fix] Foreground service notification is removed immediately after the operation is complete

Notice: After restoring apps that use SAF and SSAID, the device has to be restarted immediately.
Currently, the users are not notified if a restart is necessary after restoring a backup.
If you are in confusion, make sure to restart your device after restoring a backup.

NOTICE: If you are upgrading from a previous release, you must restart your device.

This app is ad-free

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