Download APK: Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.2.7

Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.2.7
Minimum Requirements: 5.0+
APK Description: Berzerker is a Beautiful Dark Theme with silver/gray, and white overtones.. Berzerker was inspired by the fearless Norse Warrior’s they called the Berserkr. I created this theme for the world famous CM Theme engine, and it will only work on a 5.0/5.1.1 Rom using the CM theme engine..

Download APK: Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.2.7

Themed Google apps

>Google Play >Google Chrome >Gmail >Gnow >Google Keyboard >Hangouts

Themed User apps

>Dropbox >Apex Launcher >Nova Launcher >Whatsapp

Themed System apps

*Framework *Apollo *Browser *Calculator *Calendar *Cellbroadcastreceiver *Contacts *Deskclock  *Dialer *DocumentsUI *Email *Gallery3D *Aosp Keyboard *launcher3 *MMS *PackageInstaller *Phone *Settings *SoundRecorder *SystemUI *Terminal *DSP *Eleven Music *FileManager *LockClock *Trebuchet *CM Device Settings *CM Updater *DU About *DU Updater  *Ota Updates *Slim Launcher *AudioFX *Theme Chooser *WhisperPush

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