Download APK: Block This! v3.0 build 110

Block This! v3.0 build 110

Minimum Requirements: 4.0.3+

APK Description: Block This protects your Android phone from malware and blocks all requests to annoying advertising.

Download APK: Block This! v3.0 build 110

Block This is a FREE ad blocker for Android that works in all apps and browsers!

How does “Block This! – FREE” work?

Learn how we block ads on your Android device.

Block This! was started in June 2015 by Sava Georgiev – a passionate developer and security researcher with the only purpose of reducing spam and malware on the web.

The idea was to create an Android app which is able to block as much as possible of the junk on the internet namely ads, spam & malware, phishing sites, etc. while being 100% secure, does not log or collect user data, does not put heavy load on your mobile device and works on both rooted and non rooted phones.

In order to do this we had to get out of the box of traditional ad blocking software and go one step further. We had the brilliant idea to incorporate an old and forgotten approach for blocking internet requests – blocking by DNS.

In July 2015 we set up our first higly scalable DNS (Domain Name Server) servers and our first tests immediately showed astonishing ad blocking success. Many ads were blocked and in some cases browsing speed was improved.

But what exactly does DNS do? In short a “Domain Name Server” is used to determine where on the network (internet) is a domain name located. For example, when your borwser asks a DNS, where “” is, it will normally tell your browser that this site is located at the IP Address: Your browser then goes to that IP and fetches the website so that you can view it. Now imagine your browser requests a well known advertisement network like Your browser once again asks the DNS – “Where is located?”. In case you are using our DNS, the answer would be which is your local address and effectively means – “Do not load anything”.
Your browser or your andrid app app will then follow these instructions, thus not loading any ads or malware while saving you a lot of traffic, extending your monthly mobile data allowance by up to 25%.

The only problem with this approach is, that for Android there are strict rules about who and how DNS can be changed. Normally changing the DNS directly needs ROOT access (i.e. your android device to be rooted). In order to work around this issue, “Block This” for Android creates, what we call a local VPN (Virtual Private Network) and all of your apps/browser traffic is routed through this VPN. This VPN is carefully configured to only modify the DNS settings of your network, while preserving your internet speed and not sending out any traffic to external VPN servers.

In addition to that “Block This! – FREE” for Android blocks known malware sites and tracking cookies increasing your security on the web and protecting your privacy.

Product Features

Block all ads.
Block all in-app and browser advertisement, including video and audio ads, popup ads, banners, tracking cookies.

Stop malware.
Block This! also cares about your security with its antivirus features! We’ve included a large list of common malware distributors to keep you safe from viruses.

Extend data plan by 25%.
The avarage user gets served 1 ad every 4 requests. This means that Block This! will increase your data plan effectiveness by 25% on avarage.

No Censorship.
Bypass your internet provider censorship and access parts of the web that were previously hidden from you.

* No ads – Block browser, in-app, video and audio ads
* No tracking – blocks tracking cookies
* Antivirus protection – block malware and virus downloads
* Faster browsing – save up to 30% off your mobile data plan
* Increased battery life
* Start on device boot up


– Improved Layout
– 100% free

This app has no advertisements

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