Download APK: Cascade Icons & Walls v1.2.4

Cascade Icons & Walls v1.2.4
Minimum Requirements: 4.2+
APK Description: I’am proudly present to you ” Cascade Icon Pack and Wallpapers. It is a beautiful material design icon pack blended with some nice well designed matching wallpapers all by me, for your every day use.

Download APK: Cascade Icons & Walls v1.2.4

– Initial Release so far with 300+ themed icons – Weekly update till late October, after I’ll do regular updates each time I have more than 10 icons requests – 125 mix Wallpapers included, and more to come. – Color hex used in this pack- – Deep Orange # FF5722 – Anber yellow # FFAB00 – Blue Sky # 2196F3 – Blue Gray # 263238 – Please don’t leave bad reviews, contact me first if you need any help, I’ll definitely happy to assist you ( [email protected] )

– Recommended Launcher, others should work too. Nova Launcher Action Apex


3rd major update Dashboard fixes Fixes for not able to set icons manually Re-designed Cascade icon 154 new themed icons New dark theme to match the pack 1 new wall added Due to high demanding of icons, now limit of 10 icons requests per users every 48 hrs Another Update coming later this week If some of your apps still un_themed, just be patient Thank you and enjoy

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