Download APK: Don't Starve Pocket Edition v1.0.4

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition v1.0.4
Minimum Requirements: 5.0+
APK Description: We survive in a randomly generated world in which lies a lot of dangers and mysteries

Download APK: Don't Starve Pocket Edition v1.0.4

After selecting a character, which has its own unique abilities, as well as setting the world, the player can start to survive. The character appears in a certain place, where he is met by Maxwell, who advises to look for things for the night. The very purpose of the game – to hold out in a randomly assembled the world as long as possible. In this case the player has two endings: the death of Maxwell portal. The first is when the player points of life becomes zero. For the second requires five parts of the portal, which will enter into another world, announcing the end of the previous one. The result is a long survival unlock characters for which you want experience points. The more days lived, the more points.


Added native compatibility for x86 devices

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