Download APK: Emreiptv-server MACS + IPTV  Player v1.34 [Pro]

Emreiptv-server MACS + IPTV  Player v1.34 [Pro]
Minimum Requirements: Android 4.4 and up + USE VPN TO FRANCE
APK Description:Emreiptv-IPTV is the ideal Iptv server for anyone looking to watch Movies, Series, and TV Online for free.

Download APK: Emreiptv-server MACS + IPTV  Player v1.34 [Pro]

With an elegant interface, easy to use, with Movies and TV categories in one application for you to enjoy the best content.
Several programs for you:

Watch movies without paying anything;
Open and closed channels;

Best of all: all channels are in FULL HD and without crashes.

Be sure to add /c/ after the server link  when using OTT Navigator  , IPTV Stalker Player and StbEmu (Pro) for android devices
For example:
And when using PC app such as  stalker player v4.0 for PC  and SFVIP-Player be sure to delete /c/ from the link . 

Tested worked 9-5-2021

What’s New: 
will update daily with new servers 

This app is ad-free

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IPTV Stalker Player v1.34 [Pro]

IPTV Extreme Pro‏ v113