Download APK: Fluid Walls – 4K Liquid Style Wallpapers v1.6.0 [Patched]

  Download APK: Fluid Walls – 4K Liquid Style Wallpapers v1.6.0 [Patched]

Fluid Walls – 4K Liquid Style Wallpapers v1.6.0 [Patched]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: Say Hello to Fluid Walls! Awesome handcrafted wallpapers made for you! This app focuses especially on the liquid style wallpapers and will come with wallpapers having different styles from texture based to smooth.

Download APK: Fluid Walls – 4K Liquid Style Wallpapers v1.6.0 [Patched]
Fluid Walls will come in amazing 4K resolution to give your home-screen a crisp look! All the wallpapers have been made after careful selection of colors. You will find bright colored wallpapers that pop as well as some dark wallpapers to suit your style!

Starting with 35 wallpapers but rest assured there will be a lot of new walls arriving regularly! These walls do take a lot of time!

What’s Included with Fluid Walls?
Easy to use Frames dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva!

35 carefully handcrafted Wallpapers and many more to come!

4K high resolution Walls!

At-least Bi-Weekly updates with many new Walls!

Comes with different categories which will keep increasing!

Suggestions are always welcome
I appreciate your feedback

Thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for his opensource Frames dashboard!
Huge Thanks to Yog and IamBavith for their constant help and support!

All the wallpapers offered in Fluid Walls are for Personal Use only!


Thank you for all your support! I Highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions and if you like this app, please rate it with a genuine review

Follow me on for sneak peeks of new wallpapers, news, and anything related to Fluid Walls, Need any help or have some suggestions to improve Fluid Walls hit me up on twitter, I would be happy to help!

What’s New: 
6 New Wallpapers!
89 Total Awesome Handcrafted Wallpapers!
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