Download APK: Maestro: Dark Talent v1.0.0 (Full/Paid)

  Download APK: Maestro: Dark Talent v1.0.0 (Full/Paid)

Maestro: Dark Talent v1.0.0 (Full/Paid)
Minimum Requirements: 4.0+
APK Description: A night out with a friend at the Opera House turns into a nightmare! This mysterious Diva’s dark talent claims another victim – can you stop her before the curtain falls?

Download APK: Maestro: Dark Talent v1.0.0 (Full/Paid)

• DISCOVER THE SECRET OF A MYSTERIOUS OPERA SINGER A talented opera singer called Diva is rumored to possess the ability to drain people’s souls during her performances!

• FREE YOUR FRIEND FROM THE DIVA’S CLUTCHES! Trouble arises when your friend Kate and the rest of the theater patrons are taken away by the dark forces to have their life forces drained from them, unless you can stop them in time!

• STOP THE DIVA FROM SINGING HER DEADLY SIREN’S SONG Take on challenging mini-games and puzzles and scour the opera house and the surrounding streets for helpful items to help defeat the dark forces!

• PLAY THE BONUS CHAPTER TO UNCOVER A MYSTERIOUS BOX Collect various enchanted objects throughout your adventure, then enjoy replaying your favorite puzzles and hidden object scenes!

• Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles! • Unlock this incredible Collector’s Edition to gain access to all of the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay!

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