Download APK: ModArt Widgets for KWGT-KLWP-KLCK v3.05 [Paid]

ModArt Widgets for KWGT-KLWP-KLCK v3.05 [Paid]
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: A Diverse Widget – Komponent pack designed for customization through GLOBALS / SETTINGS

Download APK: ModArt Widgets for KWGT-KLWP-KLCK v3.05 [Paid]


• KWGT (For Widgets) | KLWP or KLCK (For Komponents) + Pro Key Installed
• A KWGT/KLWP supported Launcher Installed – Nova Launcher Pro is recommended
• General knowledge of using GLOBAL SETTINGS is necessary for customization / personalization
• Icons shown are for example only. Icons must be uploaded individually from Your Device’s Installed Icon Packs
• (see credits below for Icon Packs shown)


• Widgets – Initial Release:
● 9 General Purpose: Personal Greeting / Date / Time / Weather / Battery / Music / Other… depending on widget
● 4 Compact Music Players
● Weekly Calendar: toggle through 6 weeks, with Events & Holidays linking to your installed calendar app
● Battery Progress Icon: scalable with battery % number
● Status Bar: multiple display options + margin adjustment setting
● 4 Custom Docks: upload individual App icons from your installed icon packs + notification & drawer options

• Komponents: – Initial Release:
● General: Personal Greeting / Time / Date / Weather / Battery + Custom Icon Shortcut Button
● Music Player
● Weekly Calendar (updated version from ModArt Komponents for KLWP-KWGT)
● Status Bar (updated version from ModArt Komponents for KLWP-KWGT)
● 4 Custom Docks (1 updated version from ModArt Komponents for KLWP-KWGT)
● Nearly all widgets included are built from komponents. Komponents can be exported by unlocking. You will also need to Unlink GLOBALS.

● More Designs to be added in future updates


KWGT set up:
• Long press your home screen: > Widgets > KWGT:
• Size will depend on your grid size & the widget you are using. This can be adjusted by long pressing > Resize after loading a widget
• Most widgets require full screen width & at least 2x height
• Turn padding off to avoid clipping
• Launch KWGT by tapping the empty widget
• Select an installed ModArt widget
• Go to the widgets GLOBALS tab for further instructions or settings
• Widgets can be scaled Up/Down > LAYERS tab, if needed
• Save > to see your changes on screen. Export in the editor from Root > to save your widget

KLWP set up:
• Open KLWP > Load Preset > choose an already installed / exported preset or create a new preset (document icon on the top menu)
• Select the ‘+’ icon (top right) in the editor
• Select Komponent
• Select installed > Choose the ModArt komponent you wish to use
• Go to the komponent’s GLOBALS tab for custom options



Widgets & Komponents are for personal use only. © Kim Phillips 2019

• Saturate Icon Pack – DrumDestroyer Themes
• Minimale Icon Pack – mowmo
• Whicons – White Icon Pack – Randle
• Linebit Light – Icon Pack – Edzon DM
• Appstract Icon Pack (Dark Theme) – Melon Productions

What’s New:
37 New Widgets:
• 32 -Simple Series- widgets
• 2 Music Player widgets + komponents
• 2 Dynamic info panel widgets + komponents
• 1 Dock widget + komponent

This app is ad-free

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