Download APK: Passwarden-secure password manager&data keeper v1.5.1+ 6 months code

  Download APK: Passwarden-secure password manager&data keeper v1.5.1+ 6 months code

Passwarden-secure password manager&data keeper v1.5.1+ 6 months code
Minimum Requirements: 5.0 and up
APK Description: Secure storage for your passwords, credit cards, passport details, and other important information

Download APK: Passwarden-secure password manager&data keeper v1.5.1+ 6 months code
Keep everything in secure Vaults and easily access your data whenever you need it, from any device.

Passwarden is a part of our brand new security bundle MonoDefense. Apart from Passwarden, MonoDefense includes a reliable solution for unrestricted and secure internet access VPN Unlimited. And the range of MonoDefense solutions will be extended. So stay tuned for updates!

With Passwarden by KeepSolid, you can:

Securely store passwords
Add payment info
Store passport details
Create secure notes
Instantly access your data
Share Vaults with others
Import data from other sources, password managers
Use biometric unlock like fingerprint, face recognition
Protect your account with 2FA
Hide Vaults in case of emergency with Duress mode
Be 100% sure your data is secure

Why choose Passwarden?

 More than just a secure password manager

Passwarden is not only a secure password storage, it’s a safe place for all your important data like an ID card, passport, driver’s license, Social Security number, contacts, credit/debit cards, bank accounts, email account, social accounts, etc.

 Convenient and easy to use

Our password storage app is easy to use and features a convenient and intuitive interface. All to help you easily arrange and manage your data in the most efficient way.

Offline access to your vaults

Securely store passwords, passport, credit card details, and other information. Easily access it whenever you need, even when there’s no internet connection.

 Biometric unlock

Make sure you’re the only person who can open the Passwarden app on your device with biometric login. Methods like fingerprint authentication or face recognition will allow you to enjoy enhanced protection of your data.

 Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication. We’ll send a one-time passcode for logging in on another device, so no one except you can access your Passwarden Vaults.

 Developed by cyber-security experts

Passwarden was created by KeepSolid, a well-trusted security expert with 6-year experience and 20+ million of users worldwide. All this vast expertise was used to develop a solution that meets the highest standards and reliably protects all your sensitive data.

 Dedicated Duress mode

Passwarden protects your data even if you’re forced to open the app under duress. Enable the specially designed Duress mode, set Duress password, and use it to login to hide your Vaults in case of emergency.

Legal information:

 Have any questions about Passwarden by KeepSolid? Feel free to contact us via , we’ll be happy to help!

Free KeepSolid Passwarden license for 6 months

1 . Open the registration page  , create a new KeepSolid ID by entering your email address and password, or log in to your personal account under an existing account.
2 . Log in to your account , insert the license key ATTCHED and activate by clicking on the ” Redeem a Code ” button .
3 . Download KeepSolid Passwarden and install it on your computer, laptop or mobile device: Support for operating systems and browsers : Windows 10 (Microsoft Store required) | macOS 10.13 and up | Android 5.0 or newer | iOS 12.0 and higher | Extensions to browsers based on the Chromium engine. 
4 . Register the program by entering your email address and password from your account. Use a password manager for free all year round.

Features of the KeepSolid Passwarden free license
1-The license is provided for 6 months for any of your devices.
2-Free technical support at
3-Updates to new versions for the entire period.
4-Personal use only.

Tested working 19/7/2021

What’s New: 
– Performance improvements and bug fixes

Learn more at If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in app or at

This app is ad-free

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