Download APK: RedBox TV v2.1 [No Luminati Mod]

RedBox TV v2.1 [No Luminati Mod]
Minimum Requirements: 4.4+
APK Description: RedBox TV is a FREE live streaming App where we have gathered 100s of streams from the internet under one roof

Download APK: RedBox TV v2.1 [No Luminati Mod]

RedBox TV has only gathered the streams from the internet and organized them in different categories. We do not own these streams and cannot guarantee a stable/reliable service. Kindly subscribe to a proper service provider in your area for better and reliable service. 

What’s New:
-No changelog

Tested On Gen2FS, Gen3FS, SmartFireTV, 2 Boxes, 6,7,8,9 Phones & 2 Tablets
Tested With Clean Install
Some Phones Have Issues With Official App
Therefore Any Mods May Also Have Issues 

No Luminati Mod Details By Hifi2007:
Ads removed
Junk removed
Package changed
Location removed
No forced update(NFU)
Signature check disabled
Extra permissions removed
Analytics/Receivers disabled
Casting should now be visible?
Banner placeholders/popups removed
Removed hidden ads tab from side menu
Luminati network startup screen removed
Disabled permissions prompt to help os 11 users
Optimized graphics/cleaned resources for faster load
Disabled all calls/activity running services from the Luminati network

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