Download APK: [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v2.8

[Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v2.8
Minimum Requirements: 5.0+
APK Description: Please read all description before downloading or leaving a bad review, and contact me in case of problems! You need a rom with RRO/Layers to use this theme!

Download APK: [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v2.8

Round it! This is Rounded UI, a theme for roms with RRO/Layers, compatible with both Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. The aim of this theme is simple: giving to your rom a unique look with rounded borders to many items! Dialogs, buttons, notifications, recents app, cards of many google apps and much more! This theme works as standalone, but the nice thing is that you can also use it in combination with other themes, applying rounded borders to them. But unfortunately with some limitations in this case! Read below for more infos.

This theme is available also for CM13/CM12, look here:

WHAT IS ROUNDED -Dialogs, buttons, notifications, recents app, cards of many google apps and much more! See the full list of overlays and items rounded here:

USE AS STANDALONE -open layers manager app and apply Rounded UI. You rom will keep is look but with rounded items! -reboot (important)

USE WITH OTHER THEMES 1)apply Rounded UI overlays marked with “+” (others can be bad looking combined with other themes) 2)apply another theme and reboot. See notes below for other limitations. NOTE FOR USERS OF THEMES WITH ADDONS LIKE COMMUTE+EVOLVE OR MAGPIE+COLORS Layers can’t handle more than 4 framework installed (otherwise the phone will stuck at bootanimation). To use this theme anyway you have two solutions: 1)don’t apply Rounded UI framework, or 2)apply not more than two options in the addon DISCLAIMER The end result is strongly dependent on the structure of the theme applied, and then can vary regardless of the fact that overlays are marked with “+” or not. Example: if the themer defines black background for an app and black colors for card, rounding borders or not won’t have effect, because with black on black colors the card won’t be visible. Be aware of all this things before downloading the theme, and don’t leave bad ratings according to this, because it’s not my fault Download APK: [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v2.8


*2.8 version: -out of beta! Thanks to all the testers! -substratum support (read the description for how to install) -substratum legacy support (use substrayum app on stock rom instead of layers app) -still supports layers in case someone still uses it -contact me in case of problems and questions! -leave a review if you want Download APK: [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v2.8 -Follow me on google plus:

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