Download APK: Timeless Icon Pack v1.0

  Download APK: Timeless Icon Pack v1.0

Timeless Icon Pack v1.0
Minimum Requirements: 4.1+
APK Description: Timelessly simple dark artwork paired with bold accent colors, wrapped in a matching dark frame.

Download APK: Timeless Icon Pack v1.0

Timeless icon pack features a gorgeous color palette consisting of 8 colors. Each icon has simple artwork that uses a fixed dark accent to match the frame of each icon. Bright colored backgrounds and loads of alternatives help make these perfect for your daily driver icon pack. Each icon is made from scratch as vectors on a 512px canvas, and sized down to 192px to ensure no quality loss.

The icon request feature has been added to this pack for the first month after release. After the month passes, I’ll remove the feature, and identical to my other icons packs, you’ll be able to join my community on Google Plus for feedback, suggestions and requests. You can reach out to me via social media, but please do not use Play Store Reviews or Hangouts as a form of communication. Reviews are meant for prospective buyers to gain insight on the app, not to say what you personally don’t like the app or demand a change. I thank you for your support and feedback. For official feedback, suggestions, and app requests, please join my community here:

Extras included in the dashboard app: Material inspired dashboard with bouncing home screen animation Dashboard app with multiple themes including day/night settings Ability to enable notifications for new wallpapers and widgets Ability to change save location for wallpapers Muzei support Link to my complete Google Play library of personalization apps Many alternative icons labeled alphabetically and in categories Tap on any icon to get the app name Search through icons Dynamic Calendar icon support for many apps 22 wallpapers exclusively designed by myself, Travis hall. 2 KWGT widgets and 2 Komponents(weather icon sets) exclusive to this app. Quick apply section to apply icons to your preferred launcher immediately. FAQ section about the app and icon packs in general.

Now featuring 2300+ icons with monthly updates

Launchers Supported: *Action Launcher Pro *Action Launcher 3 *ADW *ADW EX *Apex *Atom *Aviate *CM Theme Engine *Go(switch off “icon mask” in Preferences)  *Holo *Inspire *KitKat *Lucid *Next *Nine *Nova *Smart *Solo **Unicon, Awesome Icons, and Beautiful Icon Styler apps should work with stock launchers, as well as CM theme engine with this app**

**LG Home Launcher may not be compatible. If you’re not sure, feel free to do an immediate refund through Google Play, otherwise I can’t be responsible for results.

Credits to Jahir Fiquitiva for the source code for the dashboard.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, and I will respond accordingly.

Social Links:

Travis Hall Google Plus: Twitter: Dribbble:


Initial Launch v1.0 2300+ icons 20+ wallpapers 2 KWGT widgets and 2 Komponents for KWGT/KLWP(weather icon sets) New dashboard with bouncing home animation and more features Monthly updates Icon requests are enabled for the first month, after that I will disable them identical to my other packs.

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