Download APK: Tweecha Lite for Twitter (Unreleased) v68.14.076 [Mod]

Tweecha Lite for Twitter (Unreleased) v68.14.076 [Mod]

Minimum Requirements: 2.3 and up

APK Description: An app that has reached the top position on Twitter app ranking lists, has been displayed in newspapers, and brings enjoyment to everyday life, here is Tweecha!


Download APK: Tweecha Lite for Twitter (Unreleased) v68.14.076 [Mod]

This is an unreleased app. It may be unstable.

: A more comfortable and enjoyable Twitter
: Accidental follow, retweet, like, and tweet prevention
: Various mute settings and color coding labels
: Shows actual tweet time as well as “…minutes ago”
: Built-in Instagram image viewing
: Smooth operation of various functions and lists
: Submit tweets with multiple images
: Simple image saving

: By using tweecha, you have read and acknowledged the entire description below. (Last updated 2017-01-04)

: If you think something is wrong, please check if the same thing occurs in the official Twitter app and other unofficial Twitter apps before asking.
: Please contact us at @tweecha for your opinions, your suggestions, enquiries, and bug reports. Your suggestions and bug reports will not be read on Play Store reviews.
: If the app crashes, please send a bug report including your account name and what you did before the crash to help better the app.
: The app may change or may not from this point. If you are not satisfied with the app at it’s current state, you may want to wait until the app further develops.
: Parts of the app may change during updates, and so some functions may not be supported in the future.

: Tweecha has two editions: Tweecha Lite (trial version) and Tweecha Prime (campaign version).
: Before purchasing Tweecha Prime, please try out Tweecha Lite and see if it’s behavior is to your liking.
: If you’d like to see each difference between the editions, please check the Tweecha official website for our comparison chart.

: Advertisements are displayed on Tweecha Lite, but not on Tweecha Prime.

Why have a campaign version?
: Because the app offered by Twitter Inc. may become no longer available due to sudden changes. In addition, Tweecha Prime offers a number of functions to those who support the app.

PrimePlus Extensions
: We offer extensions to respond to the requests of customers.
: To use extensions, you will need to make a separate purchase in Tweecha Prime. Please be wary.
: Please understand that the price of the extension features in the donation app may change. There is also a chance that they may become free of charge.

Twitter specifications and restrictions (for unofficial apps)
: Cannot check and vote on polls
: Cannot attach images to DMs
: Cannot receive group DMs
: Cannot show users who liked
: Can only refresh 15 times every 15 minutes
: Can only search tweets from within a week ago
: The search results are different from the official app’s
: Blocked users are displayed in the search results

Restrictions by the Twitter Terms
: Apps must display the Twitter logo on the timeline screen
: More than one API key must not be used by the same user case
: The timeline icon must be displayed on the left

Other useful features

– Manage multiple accounts
– Realtime notifications (reply, DM, follow, retweet, liked)
– User timeline over streaming
– Show thumbnail images on timeline
– Color label for user
– Mute user, app, hashtags, retweets and text
– Conversation view on tweet detail screen
– Menu to access each timelines and each list.
– Pull to refresh
– Save Image
– Show read status (orange line)
– Mark as read, or unread
– Move to unread position
– Show user information when clicking user profile image
– Easy access: change lists with Swiping, pushing button, and from menu.
– Showing full size image on display
– Translation function (long press on tweet, work with Google translation app)
– Rich friends information with tweets, favorites, follows, followers, and so on.
– Following list, Followers list.

For more information, please see the tweecha official website.

tweecha Official Site

● No Trial Limitation
 ● Prime Extensions Unlocked

 ● Prime Plus Extensions Subscribed

 ● Icon, App Name, Menus,… Retouched

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