Download APK: VKMP v6.2.3 [VIP]

  Download APK: VKMP v6.2.3 [VIP]

VKMP v6.2.3 [VIP]
Minimum Requirements: 4.4+
APK Description: VK Music player – a program for listening to music from vk without restrictions.

Download APK: VKMP v6.2.3 [VIP]

Telegram channel for errors and suggestions @vkmp_dev

Currently the application can:
 ➤ Play the main playlist.
 ➤ Play created playlists.
 ➤ Play randomly.
 ➤ Playback loop.
 ➤ Change the playback order.
 ➤ Search for music.
 ➤ Music friends.
 ➤ Music from groups.
 ➤ Music from the recommendations.
 ➤ Work without authorization (open source music).
 ➤ Play in the background without restrictions.
 ➤ By swipe to the left, you can selectively cache the tracks, add them to the queue and add yourself to the playlist.
 ➤ Work in offline mode.
 ➤ Headset support.

Xiaomi users, do not forget to remove the restriction of work in the background from the application.
You can make through the settings of your device or the application “Settings → Background playback”.

Whats New:
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This app is ad-free

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