Download APK: XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.2.4 build 448 [Mod]

XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.2.4 build 448 [Mod]
Minimum Requirements: 4.0+
APK Description: Tiny size less than 1M, offer more comprehensive and powerful browsing experience.Doing away with unnecessary function.

Download APK: XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.2.4 build 448 [Mod]
It is a mini web browser,mini body.Undoubtedly X browser will be the best lightweight but powerful browsing tool you’ve ever met .

Main features for you:
★ Super Fast
★ Tiny Size-less than 1M
★ Powerful Ad-Block
★ Intelligent Search
★ Support Download Instagram photo
★ Offline Reading
★ Few background permission requests
★ Night Mode

★Super Fast: Excellent optimized strategy , super fast browser as lightning.
★Intelligent Auto-filled:Useful for you when input website url,automatically adding Web suffixes,easy for any website visit.
★Tiny size:Less than 1M,X browser offers more browsing experience ,small body, powerful ability.It is mini web browser.
★Powerful Ad-Block: You can mark web element as AD, it will block on next time;Compatible with some ABP rules.
★Intelligent search: Smart recommendation, intelligent hot words – assistant input and search.
★Humanized browsing: Slightly pull up to enter full screen, pull down to invoke search box, very simple full screen experience.
★Offline reading:Keep the webpage for later reading, no worry about internet access .
★Night Mode:Your eye protecting is so important for us when browsing in dim light.
★ Few background permissions requests :We request the least background permissions from your mobile among other browsers .

What’s new:
– hotfix: Resolve just updated version Bookmark creation folder crash issue.
– Support for destroying registered accounts and clearing cloud data (after login, enter x:me?destroy=true in the address bar)
– Fixed an issue where saving photo albums could not be displayed
– Fixed a problem with starting the browser’s home page bounce.
– Fixed an issue where the home icon occasionally clicked and did not respond
– Some other details have been improved.

★★★ MOD ★★★
– Languages: Russian, English, Lithuanian
– Changed some search engines
– Removed analytics collection
– Removed eXtreme

This app is ad-free

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