Download APK: zANTI – Android Network Toolkit (Mobile PenTesting) v2.0

zANTI – Android Network Toolkit (Mobile PenTesting) 2.0

Minimum Requirements: Android 2.2 and above | ROOT | ARM based device | WiFi Network Connection

APK Description: Android Network Toolkit, needed for any aspiring hacker, zANTI puts the

power of penetration testing in the palm of your hand! Made by zImperium.

Download APK: zANTI – Android Network Toolkit (Mobile PenTesting) v2.0


Updated: September 2, 2014


Following extensive usage by more than 180,000 ITprofessionals, Zimperium’sAward winning

Mobile Penetration Testing framework specifically built for smartphones. This is the Swiss Army

Knife of pen-testing tools.

zANTI is the currently released version of code name ANTI (Android Network Toolkit).

zANTI is a comprehensive network diagnostics toolkit that enables complex assesments,

audits and penetration tests at the push of a button. It provides cloud-based reporting that

walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety.

zANTI offers a comprehensive range of fully customizable scans to reveal everything from

authentication, backdoor and brute-force attempts to database, DNS and protocol-specific attacks

– including rogue access points.

zANTI produces an Automated Network Map that shows any vulnerabilities of a given target.

Anti consists of 2 parts: The Anti version itself and extendable plugins. Upcoming updates will add

functionality, plugins or vulnerabilities/exploits to Anti

Using Anti is very intuitive – on each run, Anti will map your network, scan for active devices &

vulnerabilities, and will display the information accordingly: Green led signals an ‘Active device’,

Yellow led signals “Available ports”, and Red led signals “Vulnerability found”. Also, each device

will have an icon representing the type of the device. When finished scanning, Anti will produce

an automatic report specifying which vulnerabilities you have or bad practices used, and how to

fix each one of them

Multi-Function network assessment tool

Mobile Penetration Testing Toolkit with a host of features designed for amateur

and professional Penetration Testers, such as: Man-In-The-Middle, password complexity audit,

monitoring and connecting to opened ports, and a sophisticated network packet sniffer to

demonstrate network risks.

Generates cloud-based reporting

zANTI generates detailed cloud-based reports to fix recognized vulnerabilities using intelligent

analysis for critical flaws.

Simplified by an intuitive user experience

zANTI has been described in Forbes: ‘as polished as a video game’. While cyber-security is far from

simple, zANTI’s User Interface is really easy to use. Complex audits are conducted quickly and are

only few clicks away.

zANTI allows Pen-testers and IT administrators to get a full network assessment by

the click of a button and boasts the following features:

zANTI Key Fetures:

â–º Carrier-independent Tethering

â–º Audit for different traffic redirection techniques

â–º Over 1000 reconassiance scripts and features

â–º Wifi-monitoring to detect Rogue Access Points

â–º On-device HTTP Server

â–º Instant password complexity audits

â–º Multi-platform payloads for demonstrations

â–º zCONSOLE reports with real-time statistics

â–º Search for common vulnerabilities

â–º Get a detailed cloud-based report to fix recognized vulnerabilities including wise analysis for critical flaws.

â–º Perform password audit to check for password complexity.

â–º Find mis-configuration of devices firewall by detecting open ports.

â–º Check if network is vulnerable to MITM and common Client side, Server side vulnerabilities.

â–º Discover insecure traffic and cookies affecting network’s privacy.

â–º Visualise your network by watching captured images, recorded from unsecured network communication.


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zANTI – Android Network Toolkit (Mobile PenTesting) v2.0 APK

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