Download APK: Smart YouTube TV – NO ADS! (Android TV) v6.17.178

Smart YouTube TV – NO ADS! (Android TV) v6.17.178
Minimum Requirements: 4.0+
APK Description: YouTube client for media boxes and TV based on Android WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENT!
Currently, many devices have problems with YouTube. The purpose of the application is to correct this flaw.

Download APK: Smart YouTube TV – NO ADS! (Android TV) v6.17.178

Language and country are changed in the settings

4K support
no dependency on google services
looks great on the TV screen
support for the native control panel
localized search keyboard
Without advertising
support all languages

Stable release is targeted at most users. Start with her. It contains four launchers: 1080 Main, 1080 Advanced, 4K Basic and 4K Advanced. They differ in performance on a particular device. Try successively one by one until you find one that works best for you. Also, 4K launchers support QHD and UHD resolutions.

YouTube Kids is a video content service for preschool children.

Add. apk is the output engines. Used in 1080 and 4K alt versions. Download them only if the application itself is not able to deliver them.

Known Issues
problems with codecs on old devices
you can not change the region, except the default
autoframe doesn’t work on Zidoo

Whats New:
prev release fixes

This app is ad-free

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